The Right Type of Outdoor Ornamental Plants for Your Home

The Right Type of Outdoor Ornamental Plants for Your Home

Your home will also feel fresher and more beautiful if you take good care of it. Plus if the ornamental plants you have have many types with various motifs. Beautiful flowers and leaves will decorate your home. You will definitely feel at home while staying at home. Especially during a pandemic like this we have to stay at home more often. And we can also add activities by caring for ornamental plants in our homes. Because there are many types of outdoor plants that you can make as ornamental plants. The following are types of outdoor ornamental plants for your home:

Ornamental Plants


Aglonema plant or also known as sri fortune is an ornamental plant that is quite popular in Indonesia. This plant is easy to care for and does not wilt easily even though it is rarely watered. Therefore, this ornamental plant is very suitable to be used as an outdoor plant in your yard. This plant has beautiful leaves with different colors. In addition, Aglonema is also suitable to be used as an indoor plant because it can beautify the room in your home.

Canna Plant

This plant is resistant to hot and rainy weather, so it is perfect for you to plant in your yard. The shape of the leaves of this plant resembles a large and long banana tree leaf. In addition, canna also has beautiful flowers with charming color combinations such as red, yellow and orange. You just need to water this plant regularly and get enough sunlight to take good care of it.

Japanese fern

Japanese fern has a different color than fern in general. A beautiful silvery purple color with a distinctive fern shape, it is very suitable to be used as an ornamental plant. And of course it will make your home page very beautiful.

Elephant Ears

Maybe you have often heard about this plant. Elephant ears are quite popular among plant lovers. Its unique shape with wide leaves makes it widely planted in the yard. If you want to grow this plant as a decorative plant for your home page, be sure to water it regularly and don’t overdo it.

Ornamental Bamboo

Your house feels hot and the air feels dirty? Try to plant ornamental bamboo in your yard. Bamboo is known as the plant with the most oxygen producer. With these abilities, this ornamental bamboo will be perfect for those of you who like cool and fresh places.

Geranium Flowers

Virgin or geranium flowers have a beautiful appearance because they have quite a variety of colors. This flower is also often used as a fragrance, because the aroma is pleasant to breathe. This plant is suitable for growing outdoors because it can adapt well in hot temperatures. In addition, this plant is also known to repel mosquitoes.