Important Tips Before Gardening On The Home Rooftop

Important Tips Before Gardening On The Home Rooftop

People who like gardening, have a habit or you could say a hobby with plants. If you don’t have much outdoor space, you can take advantage of rooftop gardening. If you want to create a garden in your yard that is not possible, a rooftop garden can be the best choice for those of you who want a green area. In addition, the application of this concept serves to reduce pollution and make the air cooler. The following are tips before gardening on the roof of the house:


Determine the Planning in Making a Rooftop Garden

Before you make a garden on the rooftop, you have to determine what the plan is in making this. You must have a clear reason for making a garden on this rooftop so that the work is not half-hearted. After you know what the purpose of making a garden on this rooftop is, then you can make careful planning, what preparations are prepared to build the garden. Starting from knowing the ability of the building to support the load strongly, the selection of media in gardening, drainage systems, garden design, to the selection of plants.

Pay Attention to The Shape of the Roof Construction of The House

After you know the goals and planning before making a garden on this rooftop, then look at the shape and construction of the roof of your house first. To create a garden on the rooftop, it is required to have a flat roof to facilitate the engineering technique. In addition, make sure whether your roof is strong enough to withstand the heavy load of the layers of planting media and the trees that will be planted.

Access to the Rooftop

Having convenient access to the rooftop garden is very important. To create and maintain it can be easily moved up and down without disturbing other properties. You can discuss with the architect to make the right type of door for the garden. Moreover, during the process of making your rooftop garden, handymen need to lift what is needed, so that it is easy to make access to a comfortable garden of course

Get Furniture And Other Accessories

The garden on the rooftop can create its own style in the house. By having the right layout and planting scheme, helping move in the right direction is quite easy. Make sure your garden scheme is in the form of a landscape. Depending on the size and theme of the roof garden you are planning, as well as the type of plants. Prepare the necessary items, such as containers, planters, and furniture. Make sure, all these items are safe to be placed in the rooftop garden.

Water Channel To Garden For Watering

After the other tips you have done well, then you can determine how the water channel reaches the rooftop garden. You can build a water storage system on the roof or install an automatic irrigation system. The solution, rainwater harvesting is the best way to ensure quality water utilities for rooftop gardens.

Wind Barrier

The garden on the roof of the house can be damaged or destroyed if a wind barrier is not installed. To reduce the existing wind you can make a fence or wall. In addition, it functions as a safety if children play on the rooftop. Make a wind barrier that is strong enough, avoid making a solid wind barrier because it is not very effective, if there is a strong enough wind so that the fence does not collapse.

Choose the Right Plant Type

Choose the type of plant that suits your roof, yes! If the roof does not get sunlight, choose plants that do not require a lot of light or light entering the plant. That way, it will be maximized in making a garden on the roof of your house for sure. In addition, when you want to choose the type of plant, make sure whether it requires deep root growth or not. Because it will affect the use of your plant pot or container. If your plant is large, then use a larger pot with a deep enough planting medium.