How to Make Hydroponic Plants Easily

How to Make Hydroponic Plants Easily

You can make hydroponic plants as a distraction activity in your spare time. It will make you more relaxed. To make hydroponic plants, you only need a few materials which can be found at a hardware store or by using used items. There are also various types of vegetable plants that can be grown hydroponically. In addition, this vegetable plant can also be used as an ornamental plant around the house. For the planting medium used, you can choose one of the planting media mentioned above. Make sure the planting medium you use has an axis so that the water and nutrients provided can be absorbed optimally and can support plant growth properly. Here’s how to make hydroponic plants easily.

Hydroponic Plants

Seeding Plant Seeds

Before planting using hydroponic media, the seeds should be sown first using a tray or seedling container. Use seeds whose growth rate reaches 80%. The most commonly used seedling medium is rockwool. This seedling medium is very practical to use, apart from having a high water absorption capacity, rockwool is also sterile from germs and disease. After the seeds have grown and are old enough, then they are transferred to the hydroponic growing medium.

Preparing Hydroponic Growing Media

There are many types of growing media that you can use for hydroponic plants. You can get it by buying it at a farm shop or making it yourself at home. Make a mixture of roasted husks and gravel, or a mixture of rockwool and gravel sand. Place the planting medium that has been made in the container that will be used for planting. You can use used bottles, paralon pipes or other media available around where you live.

Provision of Hydroponic Nutrition

Providing nutrition to hydroponic plants is very important. As is well known that how to grow hydroponically without using soil, so food reserves for plants are very limited. Therefore you have to provide hydroponic nutrition according to the needs of the plants. The nutrients provided are usually in the form of liquid nutrients, so they are easily absorbed by plants. How to provide nutrition can be done by manually flushing it every morning or evening.

Treatment of Hydroponic Plants

How to care for hydroponic plants is not much different from how to care for ordinary plants. All you need to do is water every morning or evening, clean up the weeds that are disturbing the plants and give fertilizer regularly.