How to Care for Outdoor Hanging Plants

How to Care for Outdoor Hanging Plants

Outdoor hanging ornamental plants are one type of ornamental plant that can be planted using the hanging pot technique. Its beautiful appearance will make your home look more beautiful. Currently, there are so many outdoor hanging ornamental plants that you can take care of easily. But there are some challenges that you need to understand, namely that plants will be cared for and placed hanging, unlike other plants. The following are some ways to care for outdoor hanging ornamental plants to keep them fresh and durable:

Outdoor Hanging

Don’t use the wrong pot

The first tip for caring for outdoor hanging ornamental plants is the use of pots that must be correct and in accordance with the plants. Currently, many manufacturers sell pots for hanging ornamental plants without thinking about whether the type of pot is suitable for plants. That’s why choosing a pot is one of the crucial things that you must consider first. The pot used must be standard and match the plant you are caring for. This is one way to avoid plants not growing properly even though they have been given adequate nutrition and care.

Sunlight gets

The sunlight that plants get when using hanging pots is something you have to understand. There are several types of plants that can be placed outdoors but with minimal sunlight. But there are also plants that are the opposite. Try to consider a location to place the hanging pot so that it gets exposure to sunlight. In addition, pay attention to the number of hanging pots that you will place close together. Because the denser the plants, the more sunlight that must be shared with these plants.

Types of plants to be treated

In addition to the planting medium and sunlight, determining the type of plant to be treated is also very important. Of the many types of outdoor hanging ornamental plants, try to choose those that are specifically placed outside the home. Not all plants that you like can be used as outdoor hanging ornamental plants. For example, you can treat lantana, petunias, orchids, cat tails, and bird’s nest ferns as references for outdoor hanging ornamental plants.