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improvements to lawns

Tall fescue grass, for instance, is a relatively shade-tolerant grass that may crowd out moss once it becomes established. Getting rid of moss in a garden can merely be a matter of addressing the issue of extreme shade. Open up the realm to more sunlight by way of tree removal, or by having a number of the bigger, lower branches pruned off. Most grasses do best with six hours or more of direct sunlight per day, although some shade-tolerant grasses will settle for three or four hours.

Beyond fundamental mowing, watering, and fertilizing, some lawns require common dethatching, aerating, and weed or pest remedies to look their greatest. A coarse, broad-leafed grass, St. Augustine has a decrease cold tolerance than different heat season grasses and is not often discovered as far north as Atlanta. It performs greatest in moist soil, making it perfect for areas along the South Georgia coast, … Read More